Saturday, December 02, 2006

Royal Institute of British Architechts move on Contraction and Convergence

The recent RIBA conference sounds like a fairly dramatic affair. My previous post on climate change news noted that consensus was reached in the US on using project 2030 as a basis for climate mitigation.

Now we have Aubrey Meyer of GCI making the case for action, and the outgoing chari of the RIBA calling for the organisation to become a campaigning body!

"Aubrey Meyer, formerly a professional musician, started the talks with
a virtuoso performance that was simultaneously moving, terrifying and

He played the violin theme to Schindler’s List to images of the
environmental holocaust he went on to argue that we face.

It was a rallying cry for architects, having adopted “Contraction and
Convergence” (C&C) at RIBA Council . . . "

The outgoing RIBA chair then stated...

“Jack Pringle the outgoing Chairman of RIBA saw climate change as the
dominant agenda for the 21st Century.

He called for targets and endorsed “Contraction and Convergence” (C&C)
saying that market forces won’t work, calling instead for Government
action and for intervention in architecture, engineering and products.

He committed RIBA to becoming a more campaigning organisation.”

A full report on the day can be found here. To support sign this petition.

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