Friday, January 06, 2006

Climate Change Concert, Nice !

With their new release "First Impressions of Earth" getting some generous press, The Strokes are in a perfect position to promote climate change awareness when they play the upcoming One Earth Concert in Cardiff, Wales. Manic Street Preachers, The Darkness, & Super Furry Animals are also on the bill, which is guaranteed to be a fabulous show as it takes place in the Millennium Stadium. Climate Change Now organized the concert, which was produced to help bring climate change issues to the national agenda. UK concertgoers and those watching the television broadcast of the show are invited to log on to and switch to renewable energy. Those making the switch can reduce their CO2 emissions from household energy by a third or more. It is free to make the switch and only takes 5 minutes. Tickets for the concert are £40, which will be broadcast in the UK by the BBC, are available from


At 10:53 AM, Blogger jimroland said...

Climate Change Now make a claim "tackle climate change...for free" by switching to "renewable" energy, which is downright misleading. Some of the tariffs linked to do not affect the amounts of green/brown electricity supplied to the network. That is especially likely for tariffs that cost the same as standard tariff.

In the case of "Good Energy", switching to this does increase the greenness of the network supply by 4.5% of the total amount you consume, but still means it's good to be frugal with your electricity as your usage still mostly results in brown generation.

The real dangers are that people are fooled into thinking that once switched they needn't control usage (wrong) or that large-scale wind generation is as cheap as fossil fuel (wrong).

In UK, a certain proportion of all electricty generated has to be renewable under the Renewables Obligation, effectively subsidised by standard tariffs. The current target is 5.5% for 2005/06 rising to 15.4% by 2015/16. This is no bad thing, but it explains why "green" tariffs neither cost much more, nor have much (if any) effect on the total amount of green energy generated. Most or all of the "green" electricity being supplied is part of this statutory, cross-subsidised proportion and would have been generated anyway.

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