Sunday, November 13, 2005

Capital MP's global warming Bill leaps over first Westminster hurdle

EDINBURGH MP Mark Lazarowicz's private members Bill to tackle global warming passed its first parliamentary hurdle.

The former city leader's Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill got its second reading at the House of Commons and will now be considered in detail by an all- party of group of MPs. The proposal would give households that micro generate their own heat and light council tax rebates. And it would require the Government to report annually to the Westminster parliament on its progress in promoting energy sources, including micro generation and renewable heat, and the measures taken to tackle climate change.

With more than 100 MPs present - unusual for a Friday - the Bill received all-party support and was backed by energy minister Malcolm Wicks.

Mr Lazarowicz's Bill would apply UK-wide.

After it was passed without a vote the Edinburgh North and Leith MP said: "The backing my Bill received today shows there is the political will to tackle our carbon emissions and promote renewable energy.

"We need to turn this will into action and I hope this Bill will become law and make this possible.

"International agreements and international action are necessary and important but we have our own role at home to play too in combating climate change.

"The UK has committed itself to a 20 per cent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2010, but on recent trends we will struggle to achieve that.

"My Bill, if passed, will help to put the UK back on track to reach its targets for cutting greenhouse gases and also help householders tackle climate change."

But Mr Lazarowicz expressed concern that his fellow Labour MP Alan Whitehead's private members measure "the management of energy in buildings Bill" - which would put a responsibility on construction companies to provide energy saving measures in new homes - fell because of the actions of Tory MPs led by Scots-born Eric Forth.


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