Thursday, August 25, 2005

Connecting the dots.

Late at night BBC news 24 has a large amount of coverage from ABC in the USA presumably because they have minimal staff at 2AM. So I was watching ABC yesterday evening.

Very stupid reporting:

If there where reports on an area with:
1. A high rate of muggings.
2. A high number of burglaries.
3. A large number of HIV positive people.

The stories would not be told in isolation! The dots 1,2 and 3 would be analyzed: this situation is clearly a result of a large number of intra-venous drug users i.e heroin addicts trying to feed there habit.

In reality the three headline that where being reported where:
1. Droughts and Severe storms in Portugal and Germany respectively.
2. High oil prices and the need for biofuels/electric cars.
3. The story of a paralyzed soldier and how his community are helping him financially as the state has inadequate provisions.

What do these dots mean? They all shout distributed energy system!
If we had a system of small scale power generation, utilizing solar cells, wind power, micro-CHP, hydro power etc. Then we would: 1. Reduce carbon emissions and reduce the severity of climate change which is occurring 2. Not be reliant of foreign oil economically, being able to produce as much hydrogen as we need from our own generation capacity at home or in the community and 3. Not need to get involved in violent conflicts where our soldiers can be paralyzed to secure oil supply.


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